Obama Kneels, Worships the Saudi King-of-All-Kings

by Mathias at 10:30 am

Here we now have Obama, our self-proclaimed monarch, bowing before the Saudi king. Well, uh, in his defense the Kabba (of Meccan fame) was directly behind his highness?

Obama Bowing toward Mecca, Saudi King in the Way

Obama Bowing toward Mecca, Saudi King in the Way

The Saudi king is reported to have said, “ha ha no of course you can’t have more oil, the Chinese guy bowed twice as low.”

2 Responses to “Obama Kneels, Worships the Saudi King-of-All-Kings”
  1. hhgjjj says:

    the president of the united piss of america bowing to the Mighty King of Saudia Arabia so low as if he is his servant. Only servants in the middle east give that kind of bow and as of now they are changing the law so the masters dont look like they own slaves.

    We elected a president to be someone slave in the middle east. Americans get hit with muslims sucide bombers that take down WTC, American then invade Muslim country,Americans elect a Muslim president and then American Bows down to a Muslim King. Wow!! no wonder the world does not understand the United States.

  2. RAV says:

    Wow this is the man we put inside of the White House to protect us and he is siding with our enemies. HES A BABY KILLER

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