Vietnamese Terrorist Murders 13

by Mathias at 5:28 pm

Why is it that when terrorism happens at home we diagnose it faster and more precisely?

Police and Wong’s acquaintances portrayed him as an angry, troubled 41-year-old man who struggled with drugs and job loss and perhaps blamed his adopted country for his troubles. His rampage “was not a surprise” to those who knew him, Zikuski said.

International terrorists blame America but thanks to liberal sensibilities it is claimed that we don’t understand them or that they just need to be handled carefully. No, America is their scapegoat and they blame us for their own personal shortcomings, as if that makes any sense. Jiverly Wong has shown us the true and ugly nature of terrorism and we should not forget it.

Especially as the Whore of Babylon, Hillary Clinton, is trying to slide her way into negotiations with the oxymoronic “moderate” Taliban.

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  1. leafless says:

    ‘Wong’ is not a Vietnamese surname; it’s a Chinese last name. This ‘Jiverly Wong’ is unlikely to be one of Vietnamese descent. Also, committing random acts of violence is not unique to non-native Americans; you should read the news more.

    This murderous act is not an act of terror. Unlike the terrorists, the guy had no clear motive and political agenda. He wasn’t trying to instigate fear and terror; it is nothing more than a random act of violence, committed by a madman.

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